Please chose between one of the five excursion options - guided city tours of Mainz, Frankfurt or Heidelberg, historical buildings and wine tasting in the Rheingau region, or tree climbing at Wiesbaden Neroberg.


A guided tour of Mainz, including visits to the Cathedral, the Gutenberg museum, and the church of St. Stephan with its renowned set of windows by Marc Chagall.  ... Link: Excursion A: Guided tour of Mainz 
From “Franconovurt” (city of franks) to center of economy  - This guided tour will show you the most popular places of Frankfurt - starting with the glorious past up to the present.  ... Link: Excursion B: Guided tour of Frankfurt 
Take a bus to Heidelberg and see the world-famous castle ruin and old city with this guided tour of one of Germany's most renowned heritage sites.  ... Link: Excursion C: Guided tour of Heidelberg (booked out) 
Monasteries in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau is the motto of this excursion that is combining the visit of historical buildings including a guided walking tour with a wine sampling at each destination.  ... Link: Excursion D: Wine tasting in the Rheingau (booked out) 
The slightly different excursion: climb trees and enjoy the view from the top! (NB: this excursion is limited to 30 participants, and may not be suitable for everyone; a waiver of liability must be signed before climbing)  ... Link: Excursion E: Tree climbing on the Neroberg (booked out) 

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