Poster Session

1Boram Yoon, Lattice calculation of BSM B-parameters using improved staggered fermions in \(N_f = 2+1\) unquenched QCD
2Naruhito Ishizuka, Calculations of \(K \to \pi\pi\) decay amplitude with improved Wilson fermion
3Jochen Heitger, Charm quark mass and D-meson decay constants from two-flavour lattice QCD
4Weonjong Lee, Recent update on \(B_K\) and \(\varepsilon_K\) with staggered quarks
5Chia Cheng Chang, Matrix elements for D- and B-Mixing from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
6Ciaran Hughes, Radiative Decays in Non-Relativistic QCD
7Ashley Cooke, Flavour Symmetry Breaking in Octet Hyperon Matrix Elements
8Shoji Hashimoto, Residual mass in five-dimensional fermion formulations
9Wolfgang Bietenholz, Spectral Properties of a 2d IR Conformal Theory
10John Bulava, A determination of the Wilson Chiral effective theory constant \(c_2\) using \(n_f = 2\) CLS lattices
11Etsuko Itou, The anomalous dimension at the infrared fixed point of \(N_f = 12\) SU(3) theory
12Gernot Münster, N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on the lattice
13Daniel Körner, Finetuning the continuum limit in low-dimensional supersymmetric theories
14Meifeng Lin, Lattice simulations with eight flavors of domain wall fermions in SU(3) gauge theory
15Kostas Orginos, Finite volume renormalization scheme for fermionic operators
16Gregorio Herdoiza, Fitting the lattice vacuum polarisation function to perturbation theory
17Mingyang Sun, First and second moments of the disconnected sea partons from overlap fermion on DWF configurations
18Jiayu Hua, Fitting strategies to extract the axial charge of the nucleon from lattice QCD
19Narjes Javadi-Motaghi, Pion structure from lattice QCD
20Xu Feng, Time-like pion form factor in lattice QCD
21Olga Larina, Rho and A-mesons in external magnetic field in SU(2) lattice gauge theory
22Raza Sufian, The Oscillatory Behavior and The Logarithmic Unphysical Pole of the Domain Wall Fermion
23Willian M. Serenone, SU(2) Lattice Gluon Propagator and Potential Models
24Chuan Liu, Glueballs in charmonia radiative decays
25Jon Bailey, Flavored pion and kaon masses at next-to-leading order in mixed-action staggered chiral perturbation theory
26Christian Jost, Testing the stochastic LapH method in the twisted mass formulation
27Christine Davies, Bottomonium results from lattice QCD
28Tom Blum, Hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon \(g-2\) with charged sea quarks
29Chuan Miao, Two-Baryon Correlation Functions in 2-flavor QCD
30Joshua Berlin, Testing mixed action approaches to meson spectroscopy with twisted mass sea quarks
31Falk Zimmermann, Investigating a mixed action approach for \(\eta\) and \(\eta'\) mesons in \(N_f=2+1+1\) lattice QCD
32Eigo Shintani, Vacuum polarization function in \(N_f=2+1\) domain-wall fermion
33Chik Him Wong, Meson Spectroscopy using Stochastic LapH Method
34Ting-Wai Chiu, Pseudoscalar Decay Constants of D-Mesons in Lattice QCD with Domain-Wall Fermion
35Yibo Yang, Charmonium, \(D_s\) and \(D_s^*\) from overlap fermion on domain wall fermion configurations
36Karthee Sivalingam, DWF Solvers and Clover for BGQ
37Hwancheol Jeong, Performance of Kepler GTX Titan GPUs and Xeon Phi system
38Georg von Hippel, Getting Covariantly Smeared Sources into Better Shape
39Stefan Schaefer, The openQCD code
40Hidekatsu Nemura, An implementation of hybrid parallel C++ code for the four-point correlation function of various baryon-baryon systems
41Massimo Di Pierro, The new "Gauge Connection" at NERSC
42Guido Cossu, JLQCD IroIro++ lattice code on BG/Q
43Marios Costa, Perturbative renormalization of staggered fermion operators with stout improvement: Application to the magnetic susceptibility of QCD
44Jakob Simeth, Quantifying Discretization Errors for the Gluon and Ghost Propagators using Stochastic Perturbation Theory
45Julien Frison, The Kaon Bag Parameter at Physical Mass
46Felix Stollenwerk, Critical slowing down and the gradient flow coupling in the Schroedinger functional
47Olga Goulko, The unitary Fermi gas on the lattice
48Helvio Vairinhos, Large \(N\) reduction in deformed Yang-Mills theories
49Tomomi Sato, More about vacuum structure of Linear Sigma Model
50Timo Laehde, Velocity renormalization in graphene from lattice Monte Carlo
51Gerrit Schierholz, Dynamical 2+1 flavor QCD + QED
52Eva Grünwald, Taylor- and fugacity expansion for the effective center model of QCD at finite density
53Lorenzo Bongiovanni, Adaptive gauge cooling for complex Langevin dynamics
54Takashi Umeda, Scaling properties of the chiral phase transition in the low density region of two-flavor QCD with improved Wilson fermions
55Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu, Complex Langevin simulation for QCD-like models
56Max Wilfling, A test of fugacity-, Taylor- and improved Taylor-expansion
57Thomas Neuhaus, Towards the Continuum Limit in Transport Coefficient Computations
58Michael Muller-Preussker, Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators from two-flavour lattice QCD at nonzero temperature
59Akira Ohnishi, Finite coupling and fluctuation effects on the QCD phase diagram at strong coupling
60Tereza Mendes, Systematic Effects at Criticality for the SU(2)-Landau-Gauge Gluon Propagator
61Ralf-Arno Tripolt, Finite-Temperature Spectral Functions from the Functional Renormalization Group
62Leonardo Giusti, Measuring the entropy from shifted boundary conditions
63Alexander Rothkopf, A new Bayesian approach to the reconstruction of spectral functions
64Yannis Burnier, Benchmarking the Bayesian reconstruction of the non-perturbative heavy \(Q\bar{Q}\) potential
65Pietro Giudice, Electric charge susceptibility in 2+1 flavour QCD on an anisotropic lattice
66Reetabrata Har, Continuum limit of the index of the staggered overlap Dirac operator
67Alessandro Papa, Critical properties of 3D Z(N) lattice gauge theories at finite temperature
68Karl Jansen, A method of analytic continuation for computing the hadronic vacuum polarization function
69Christopher Czaban, Lattice study of the Schwinger model at fixed topology
70Tajdar Mufti, Correlation functions and confinement in scalar QCD
71Stefan Olejnik, Measuring the ground-state wave functional of SU(2) Yang-Mills theory in 3+1 dimensions: Abelian plane waves
72Francesca Cuteri, Flux tubes and coherence length in the SU(3) vacuum
73Yoshiaki Koma, The static potential from the selected intermediate states of gluons
74Andrea Guerrieri, Classification of quark-antiquark sources in Yang-Mills Theories
75Nigel Cundy, Confinement From The Gauge Invariant Abelian Decomposition
76Igor Bogolubsky, Towards the continuum limit of SU(2) Landau gauge gluodynamics
77Giuseppe Burgio, 't Hooft loop and the phases of SU(2) lattice gauge theory
78Andreas Athenodorou, Stable and Quasi-Stable confining SU(N) strings in D=2+1
79Pedro Bicudo, SU(3) quark-antiquark QCD flux tube
80David Weir, Form factor and width of a quantum string
81M Clark, NVIDIA GPU computing for lattice QCD

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