Airport information

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt Airport (FRA), which is served by more than 1,000 flights from and to more than 250 destinations in over 100 countries each day, is connected to Mainz by a regular local train service.

The safest option is to take the local train “S8” to Mainz Central Station (“Mainz Hauptbahnhof”). Alternatively, you may take any “Regionalbahn/RB” or “Regionalexpress/RE” train stopping in Mainz Hauptbahnhof.

Follow the signs to the regional train station (“Regionalbahnhof / local trains”) at the airport. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket vending machines (note that these accept only coins or banknotes of up to €20). The correct ticket is called “Einzelfahrkarte nach 6500/Mainz über 3700/Rüsselsheim” and costs €4.25 per person.

Hahn Airport (HHN)

Hahn Airport (HHN) is served by European budget airline Ryanair, who will frequently refer to it as "Frankfurt Hahn"; there is a non-stop coach service to Mainz Central Station (bus stop “N”) leaving from the airport coach station (“Busbahnhof”).

To get to the coach station, turn right when exiting the terminal and walk past the parking lot. The coach fare is €13.00 payable to the driver.


While contrary to popular rumour German railways are not always (just usually) on time, the railway network provides a very comfortable, cost-effective and environmentally conscious way to travel.There are two classes, the slightly more comfortable and significantly more expensive first (“1./Erste Klasse”) and the normal second (“2./Zweite Klasse”).

If the expected total for your railway tickets comes to over €100, you may want to consider purchasing a “Probe BahnCard 25” granting you a 25% reduction to all second class railway tickets for four months.

Local transportation

A local transportation ticket valid in all buses and trams in Mainz for the duration of the conference is included in the registration pack. The registration pack also includes maps of the city and the university campus.

All buses leaving from the bus stop “G” at the central railway station pass by the university. You can get off at either of the bus stops “Universität” or “Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg”.


Rental cars are widely available from internationally-known companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Avis or Europcar. German cars usually have a manual transmission, but many car rental places provide automatics upon request, possibly for an additional charge.

German taxicabs are generally cream-coloured and can be recognized by the yellow-black “TAXI” sign on the roof. The local phone number to call a taxicab in Mainz is 910 910. There are taxi stands at the Central Station.

Driving licenses from EU/EEA member countries are valid in Germany without limitations. Other driving licenses are valid during a visit to Germany if you hold an International Driving Permit or have an official translation of your national driving license into German.

Except where a lower limit is signalled by traffic signs, the speed limit is 50 km/h inside towns or cities, and 100 km/h outside (except on the Autobahn).