Lunch on Campus

At the university Mensa, a separate seating area with a special lunch counter will be available for conference participants during the lunch break.

The menu for conference participants can be found on the right and is available for download here. Please note that last-minute changes to the menu may always become necessary, so please take a look at the noticeboards at the conference office and in the Mensa.

Alternative lunch locations on campus are the Kulturcafé and the campus restaurant "Baron" (both close to the conference venue), as well as the halal campus diner "Diwan" (about half-way between the conference venue and the university Mensa) or "Dede's Döner" (close to the Mensa).

Mensa card

The registration pack includes a Mensa card that has been charged with €37.50 (enough for 5 lunches) and can be used to pay for lunch in the university Mensa. The Mensa card can also be used to pay for coffee, drinks and snacks in the campus cafeterias or at the Kulturcafé; for this purpose, it can be charged with an amount of up to €200 at any of the payment stations located throughout the campus.

We would very much appreciate if at the end of the conference you could return your card to the conference office or the Mensa service desk, so that the cards can be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. Note that the conference office will not be able to refund any balance remaining on your card when you return it. This can only be done at the service desk (open Monday to Friday) in the university Mensa.